Nihaostyles VIP Levels

Welcome to the Nihaostyles VIP! Nihaostyles are always dedicated to offering better customer service and providing daily updates of high-quality fashionable clothing for factory price. We offer VIP discounts to our long-term customers. Whether you are a clothing distributor, online store operator, boutique owner, or a fashionista, Nihaostyles is your reliable source of wholesale clothing.

1.We will calculate the total value of all orders starting with your first order and increase your VIP and the discount level accrodingly. For example: once you purchase over $10,000 at Nihaostyles, you reach 92VIP and automatically get 8% off subsequent orders.

  • 97 VIP
  • 95 VIP
  • 92 VIP
  • 90 VIP
  • 87 VIP
  • 85 VIP

  VIP Levels

  Total Orders(from the 1st to now)



  More than 0


  97 VIP

  More than USD2000


  95 VIP

  More than USD5000


  92 VIP

  More than USD10000


  90 VIP

  More than USD30000


  87 VIP

  More than USD50000


  85 VIP

  More than USD200000


Note: "Total value" refers to the total value of the products in your orders, shipping costs excluded.

2.We also offer exclusive discounts when your one-time purchase reaches a certain value.This discount is not affected by your VIP tier.


  Merge Order Quantity



  More than USD800



  More than USD2000



  More than USD3500



  More than USD8000


Note 1: Only the product value (excluding shipping) is calculated.

Note 2: The above two discounts cannot be applied at the same time, when system will automatically select the larger discount. Nihaostyles reserves all the rights of final interpretation.